5 Strategies to Make Your Charity Auction a Success

GivingMail is a charity auction platform that is dedicated to direct mail marketing and getting the word out about your efforts before your big event. With this provider, you can send personalized event invitations, thank you messages to donors and attendees, and additional marketing materials as well. BenefitEvents offers their online auction software as a standalone product or as an addition to a live event. Their mobile-optimized and intuitive site lets bidders search auction event for specific items, browse through open listings, or make additional donations. To make your fundraiser both mobile and online, Silent Auction Pro creates a webpage for your nonprofit’s event.
In fact, Givebutter’s auction software is one of very few free online auction sites out there. Known for its modern, donor-friendly design and easy back-end management, this all-in-one fundraising platform makes silent auctions run as smooth as butter. OneCause is the leading provider of silent auction software for nonprofits for in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. With a full range of mobile bidding, virtual fundraising, event management, and back-end analytics features, the OneCause platform is a game-changer for auction events of all types and sizes. Qgiv’s auction software makes silent auction planning and mobile bidding a breeze. Event planners can create branded pages for virtual, live, and hybrid silent auctions.
ACH (debit cards and bank account transfers) may take between weeks. For more information on receiving electronic payments (credit card, mobile, debit card, bank transfers, etc.), please see Stripe’s explanation of payout schedules. Buy-it-now options can also run in conjunction with a traditional bidding system.
Unfortunately, Auction Nudge doesn’t provide tools for hosting an online auction directly on your WordPress site. If you don’t have an eBay account to facilitate the bidding process, consider opting for other auction plugins on this list. What sets this WordPress auction plugin apart is its second chance offer feature. You can allow non-winning bidders to purchase the item at their last bid, preventing lost sales when the reserve price isn’t met. During traditional silent auctions, participants are required to place bids by writing their name, contact information, and bidder number on bid sheets next to each item. You can also use them to host online auctions, so your organization could also open up bidding online before the in-person event to raise even more funds if you so choose.
How does Silent Auction work is to identify the car of your choice and let the team know your budget for the vehicle. Auto Auction Mall’s support team will guide you with estimates for you to use when making a budget for your purchase. We offer all-around service focused on you and are available if you need someone to talk to about your purchase. Using the right tools, your charity auction can be a huge success.
Features, such as push notification, an easy check-out process, and the ability to set the optimum bid allows the website or app to bid for them making them worth investing in. The most important step to plan an online silent auction is to create an auction website with the best software. It will help you optimize your website’s design by incorporating a clean layout, intuitive navigation menus, and clear instructions. It makes it easy for participants to browse items, view item details, and place bids effortlessly.