How to Kiss a Girl Kissing Techniques for Men

A touch of tasteful, natural-looking makeup is fine, but don’t overdo it. Many men don’t like a lot of make-up while kissing, especially because lipstick can smear all over their face and clothes. A little bit of lip balm should do the trick. In that it can help heal tensions and promotes closeness.
They make you feel animalistic, passionate, romantic, back to warm and soft again. Do not keep the rhythm of your kiss the same for the entire kissing session. Think of kissing like dancing at a club, with a really good DJ.
It forces you to focus on your other senses, which is very sexy. When was the last time you considered your kissing habits — some point in middle school? That’s probably the last time most people wonder about whether or not they’re a good kisser. However, this is one skill set you can keep improving throughout life. These tips from men on how to be a hotter kisser will have you seriously rethinking smooching.
Make sure you get affirmative consent — that is, the presence of a “yes,” not just the absence of a “no” — before you lock lips. And kissing doesn’t just make porn malay fly for new couples. Research shows that making out with a long-term partner can boost relationship satisfaction. That’s why we put together this guide under the guidance of Dr. Shannon Chavez, a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist in Beverly Hills.
But there are other reasons you should not try to look creepy. Kissing with your eyes closed can make the kiss so much better. I’m sorry – do you like your lips nibbled?
We mean this literally — are your lips adequately balmed up? Both a cranked-open jaw and a closed-mouth, hard pucker aren’t the most pleasant to smooch. Keep your lips just-apart enough, allowing the kisses to be soft and deep, and keep your mouth relaxed. The chatting has faded, and there’s been a — though it feels weird to say in this context — pregnant pause. Worried about breaking the mood by speaking?