‎Screen Mirroring: LetsView on the App Store

Keep Your Connection Secure Without a Monthly Bill. Select the device type or operating system you will use. In this case, you must click the iOS Recorder, and then the software will connect the computer to your iOS. Before that, you need to set up the tool on your device. The app offers a distinctive method of engaging with other safe and dependable devices.
In the past, the Chrome Remote Desktop extension was developed for Android users. But later, to cater to iOS users, this extension was allowed to be used on iOS devices. It allows you to access content on remote devices, transfer files, text chat, and more from your main computer. Before iPhone Screen Mirroring to macOS start, you need to make sure your PC has the latest version of Chrome. Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular casting technologies available. It allows you to use the browser to send the screen contents to a connected, compatible device.
Especially for watching movies and playing mobile games on a huge screen, it is frequently utilized for presentations. When you use screen mirroring, the material from a single screen, such as an iPad or iPhone, is displayed on another, preferably larger, device, like a television. AirPlay is different from AirDrop, which allows sharing of content only between Apple devices.
So, it’s more like a 2-in-1 feature — visual + audio. Until now, screen mirroring for iOS devices has been possible with the help of apps like TeamViewer, however, it gets easier with Dell Connect. You can download the latest versions of Dell Mobile Connect for Windows 10andiOS.
You will need an AirPlay receiver to begin mirroring the iOS device screen on a Windows PC. This method is most beneficial for people who already have live streaming software or people who want to screen share during a live stream. So this is a great tool not just for viewing your iPhone on a Mac or Macbook, but also for recording and live streaming. There is another app that you can use to quickly mirror your iPhone screen to your Windows 10 computer.
It lets you to mirror your iPhone’s Screen on the large Screen of your TV or computer monitor. The primary purpose of these features is to give you a more immersive experience of seeing your visuals with full quality. Now everyone can watch movies and videos together on the big screen. AirBeam TV apps work with popular streaming apps, like Facebook and YouTubeTV.
Perhaps you want to be able to record the screen output onto your PC. Some software solutions will facilitate sharing and capture. Many of us are used to sending our phone display to other devices, and in this guide we’re explaining how to mirror an iPhone to a PC in seven different ways.
Using AirPlay to mirror your screens between devices is easy in the Apple ecosystem. I know another two tools except the ones mentioned above. It has a trial and full version, but I just know it and never used it. I have used it for several times, works well for me. Well, it has mirroring and recording fucntion too.
It can alsomirror multiple devicesto the computer at the same time. Synchronous presentation and recording smoothly and can be viewed and capturedin HDwithout any quality loss. Want to view pictures and play games on your big screen Windows PC from your iPhone? However, sharing an iPhone’s screen to a PC via a USB connection isn’t possible, and the only way you can mirror an iPhone’s screen to a PC is through a wireless connection.